How Our Collections Process Works

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Account Placement

We understand that handling accounts receivable is never on the top of someone’s to do list. That is why we want to make placing accounts with First Financial Resources, Inc. as simple as possible. Accounts can be uploaded as a file or submitted individually through our secure web portal, SFTP, and by fax or mail.

proven collections process and agency

Collection Efforts

Through the years, First Financial Resources, Inc. has meticulously refined our collection process to generate the best results possible for our clients. Initial collection attempts are made by mail and phone. Our collectors are all experienced customer service representatives, trained to first listen to your customer, then find a solution to resolve their unpaid account. Qualified accounts may get reported to the 3 major credit bureaus. The accounts have been confirmed, through skip-tracing, that we have most up-to-date demographics available for the consumer. We continue to make calls and send letters until our efforts are deemed temporarily exhausted. We continue to net back more and more dollars for our clients by reactivating existing placements over time. Just because a consumer could not pay when our initial attempts began doesn’t mean they cannot pay in the future. We continuously surprise our clients by recovering older balances they assumed were uncollectable.

proven collections process and agency

collection agency that uses debtor locator services

Consumer Locator

With the utilization of the latest technologies, First Financial Resources, Inc. can locate nearly anyone or any business across the globe. Ranging from a new address or phone number to asset verification, deceased statuses, and bankruptcies First Financial Resources, Inc. can acquire the information needed to get an account resolved.

collection agency that offers credit reporting services

Credit Reporting

In the event that our agency is unable to collect on an account within our first stage of collections, First Financial Resources, Inc. can report a qualified account to the national credit bureaus as a data furnisher. With prior authorization, First Financial Resources, Inc. can place a derogatory mark on a consumer’s credit report. Such a mark can stay on a consumer’s report for several years, which may affect the consumer when trying to do business with lenders, credit grantors, etc.

collection agency that offers credit reporting services

collection agency that uses legal efforts

Litigation Request

Once an account has been deemed uncollectible by one of our account specialists, it is evaluated for legal action. Balance size, age of the account, confirmation of demographics and assets are all factors that will be researched prior to determining whether an account is eligible our legal program. If authorized, First Financial Resources, Inc. will forward an account that is recommended for legal action to a bonded collection attorney. The attorney continues to work on the client’s behalf even after a judgment is obtained. We emphasize the pursuit of assets through post-judgment litigation.

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