At First Financial Resources, Inc. we understand the current coronavirus pandemic has affected so many areas of our lives and is challenging for all. Our thoughts are with everyone during this difficult time. We want you to know that we are here to help. First Financial Resources, Inc. has taken steps that address the health and safety for our staff while still being available to the consumers and our clients. Our representatives are available to assist you during our normal business hours. Please stay safe.

  • "No Complaints"

    Our compassionate assertiveness sets just the right tone.

    We listen, educate, and collect.

    Our clients stay with us because, as they say, “We have had no complaints.”

    As always, no collection, no charge.

About Our Top Rated No Collection, No Charge Agency

Yes, we are collectors but we are also compassionate communicators and heartfelt counselors. We work to a new standard, raising expectations and changing the way people think about collection agencies.

We lead every conversation with empathy. We are driven to understand people, human emotions, different points of view, and diverse economic situations. We treat both our clients and their customers with dignity and respect. Our mission is to deliver a positive experience for all involved. It’s not just good for business, it is the right thing to do.

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First Financial Resources are dramatically different. They provided us with ongoing training and assisted us with implementing billing & collection procedures. They educated my team. The result being that our collections have dramatically improved beyond expectations and my team is more knowledgeable, prepared and proactive."

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