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Due to the depletion of the economy over the past few years, we have seen the number of account receivables placed in our agency increase for our clients in the utility industry.  First Financial Resources, Inc. works on behalf of many fuel, oil and electric companies all across the nation.

We are aware that consumers have many choices to choose from when picking a provider for utility services. Many companies, both small and large, are hesitant when considering using a third party collection agency.  They fear it may drive away their customers.  Since we are aware of this, First Financial Resources, Inc. makes it a point to treat all debtors with utmost respect to secure that we do not hinder the customer/client relationship.   

At First Financial Resources, Inc. we understand that many businesses and homes have fallen behind on their bills which can be a difficult thing to admit and many people do not know how to fix their problem.  Here at First Financial Resources, Inc., our collectors are trained to guide debtors to set up payment plans that will get their accounts resolved in a short period of time so they can continue to receive services if needed. 

Our mission and regular collection practices will put your mind at ease. We make it a point to treat everyone equal.  We take great pride in recovering past due balances rapidly while generating no complaints for our clients. 


Let us handle your account receivables so you can get back to the business of servicing your customers. Contact Us!

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