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Once an account has been deemed as uncollectible by one of our account specialists, it is then evaluated for legal action.  Balance size, age of the account, confirmation of demographics and assets are all factors that are researched prior to determining whether an account should enter our legal program.


At First Financial Resources, Inc., we will only give our clients the option of going forward with legal action if they participate in our legal program. When an account is recommended to go legal,  First Financial Resources, Inc. will forward the account to our bonded collection attorneys once prior authorization is received from our client.  No account will be placed in our attorney's hands without authorization.


The majority of our services are provided to our clients at no additional cost.  When the litigation process begins, our clients are required to advance all out-of-pocket costs associated with the lawsuit. 


Our attorneys do not stop once a judgment is obtained; we emphasize the pursuit of assets through post judgment litigation. 


If you are interested in utilizing First Financial Resources, Inc. as your collection agency, please request a free quote!

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