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Healthcare accounts represent a considerable portion of our business here at First Financial Resources, Inc.  We handle a limitless variety of medical-related clientele.  A few services we work for are:

        • Ambulatory                             
        • Anesthesiology                                    
        • Cardiology
        • Chiropractics
        • Dermatology
        • Homecare & Hospice
        • MRI Scans    
        • Neurology
        • Oncology
        • Ophthalmology
        • Physicians
        • Psychiatry

Here at First Financial Resources, Inc., our account representatives are highly knowledgeable of all our medical client's services.  They are trained to quickly recognize a self pay vs. an insurable service and they are well educated about deductibles/patient responsibilities.  Our entire staff is kept up to speed with applicable laws and regulations as they are amended.  What sets us apart from the competition is that we assist our clients to diminish their write-offs, motivate their patients to pay off their past due balances which are legally and ethically owed, and all that is done without harming their reputation.  


We are aware of what matters most and know your time is valuable. If you are tired of billing patients month after month without getting a response, it might be the right time to try our highly qualified collection services. To contact us click here.


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