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Education is the key to all success and that is why, at First Financial Resources, Inc., we take the time to educate ourselves on every detail of every account placed in our agency.  Being knowledgeable about an account is crucial.  Having prior knowledge of what an account is for makes it easier to explain to a debtor why the balance is owed and it helps us create a custom pay off plan for the debtor.  All that is done while maintaining the continued goodwill of our clients.  We assist colleges and other educational facilities, both locally and nationally, with their account receivables regardless of what the balance is for. Some examples are: 

      • Bookstore Dues
      • Campus-based tuitions/loans
      • Library Fines
      • Parking Fines 
      • Private Tutoring
      • Registration Fees
      • Room and Board Fees


Here at First Financial Resources, Inc. we offer our services with no money up front because we feel you should not have to pay for uncollectible debt.  Along with being a no collection, no charge agency, we have a hassle-free set up process since we know our clients' time is of the essence.


If you would like additional information about our services, please contact us.

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