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Time is of the essence when placing account receivables to a third party collection agency.  As an account becomes older, the chance of recovering that past due balance diminishes.  Along with being more difficult to collect, the probability that the debtor will be located also greatly decreases. 

At First Financial Resources, Inc., we use every piece of information given to locate a debtor.  Our debtor locator service, also known as skip-tracing, is provided to all our clients as an additional free service when using our agency.  With the utilization of the latest technologies, First Financial Resources, Inc. can locate nearly anyone or any business across the globe.  Ranging from a new address or phone number to asset verification, First Financial Resources, Inc. can acquire the information needed to get an account resolved.  For businesses, our agency can also obtain a vast variety of information; finding a new phone number to whether a company has dissolved are just a few examples of what we look for.

As a debt collector, we understand that half the battle is finding a debtor and making them aware that they have a past due balance.  Our account specialists are aware of this situation, which is why they are determined to get an account resolved as soon as they get in contact with a debtor. 

If you are tired of trying to locate a delinquent customer, we can help! Request a free quote today!


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