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In the event that our agency is unable to collect on an account within our first stage of collections, First Financial Resources, Inc. can then report the delinquent account to the national credit bureaus.  Credit Reporting is another free service we offer to all our clients but will only be done with prior authorization.  



If a debtor chooses to ignore their past due balance and our client authorizes our agency to report their accounts to the credit bureaus; First Financial Resources, Inc. will then place a negative mark on the debtor's credit report.  Once the mark has been place on their report, it can stay on there for quite a few years or until the account has been resolved.  A mark for a delinquent account will often affect the debtor when trying to do business with future lenders, credit grantors, etc.

When one of our highly experienced collectors deems an account as unrecoverable through our conventional collection methods;  First Financial Resources, Inc. will then request our client's authorization to turn the account over to our collection attorneys if their office participates in our legal program. 

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