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First Financial Resources, Inc.(FFR) is a privately owned, contingency-based collection agency located in Framingham, Massachusetts.  We are a small company that produces remarkable results. Our agency was founded in 1990 by the late Allan Gordon, a collection veteran for over thirty nine years, and his son Larry Gordon, who brought to the business fourteen years of collection service management and marketing experience.  First Financial Resources, Inc. was established with the intent to develop a flexible and client-oriented collection service capable of providing extraordinary customer service at competitive rates.

For decades, First Financial Resources, Inc. has focused on our clients' needs and realizes that superior collections alone will not fully satisfy our clients.  That is why at First Financial Resources, Inc., we tailor our services to meet the individual necessities of each of our clients.  Our management staff makes sure that our agency always is providing all our clients with the most advanced services available in the collection industry.  We make it a point to ensure our clients that our customer service staff is always attainable by phone/email and ready to meet any of their needs.  

In comparison to other collection agencies, First Financial Resources, Inc. is very particular with our communication style.  Our account specialists do not harass, threaten, or demean.  Instead they listen, educate, and collect which results in more dollars recovered for our clients and no complaints. To us, debt collection is a form of counseling. We aid debtors by making sure they understand why their balance is owed and guide them to get their debt paid off in the timeliest manner possible. Our collectors are highly trained, skilled, and dedicated.  All of our collectors embody the perfect equilibrium between politeness and persistence.


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